Obligators are a group of separationists that target a wiki planning to end the tyrannical oppresion taking place over that specific wiki.

There have been over 40 obligators reported on the hunger games chat in under a week right now hunger games chat maybe there biggest target. There are too many obligators to count and to be fully sure you have each one under close watch. If you are rude to an obligator do not be suprised if othe obligators start targetting you and will troll you harder than that specific wikia page. The obligator is the main obligator like the leader he/she has lots of other accounts it is unknown how many the other high profile obligators are ur-a-ni-um and TheOblitigator.

Obligators say words that are meant to hurt and destroy you, do not be offended as they just want to try and destroy you. If this happens, stay strong and do not attack back (do not make things worse!)

If you get into an argument with one of the obligators or even try to stop the argument He will do anything to hurt your feelings! He is mean and ruthless, so please Do the right thing instead of getting in the argument.

If you see one, please contact an admin/mod immediately! It is best if someone knows!

The obligator must be stopped!

The obligator cause is based from the flash game reviews wikia, located here:

Finally, the most important Part of the obligators and obligation should be known:

One Cannot stop the obligation. Like a Hydra, if you cut one head off two more will rise. The Obligation is Legion, a tide of inevitability. There is no resistance, the only path is submission.