This is where you can nominate a user to get Chat Moderator Rights. Chat Moderators are users that have the ability to kick and ban users for breaking the chat rules.


  • Has no history of serious bans or blocks,
  • Is trusted by the wiki
  • Knows the chat rules well
  • Must have 2 or more edits or contributions to the wiki

Current NominationsEdit


I nominate Daveforeva because he is well-known never been banned knows all the rules and really nice. i know dave has a disorder but that wont stop him for being the best he can :) so pick Daveforeva!

He has not made much contributions to the wiki, and has a history of spamming. Maybe later. ♥ Nightcore ♥ Have a question? ♫♪ 19:46, August 16, 2012 (UTC)


I nominate him because he is good, and well known, he is alway's fair and is on 24/7 so i know that he is good so pick AW3SOM3 S4MU3L!!!!


I have a couple of edits so Im contributing to the wiki. I hope you can see this, im on a lot of the time. Please consider my nomination. I think Iam respected my the community, so thanks for the time.

User:FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 19:18, August 16, 2012 (UTC)


Umm i nominate myself because im bored and the obligator is a ****** :D


I nominate myself because,I have several edits on the hunger games wiki. whenever i see a fight i attempt and usually am succesful at trying to stop it before it gets serious.I am on everyday. I also have no history of blocks. And i am prepared to be a trustworthy and fair mod.I also observe chat rules and i tell people to follow them as well. That is why i would like to be one, not only to have the title but to keep this wiki safe from any serious fights or issues. Thank You.


I nominate myself, only because, the obligator(s) must be stopped. They tried to hurt me, but I will not go down! I will do my best to be here everyday, as of this very day! We must all join together and stop this! Haalyle (talk) 03:40, August 17, 2012 (UTC)